About Mark

It was around mid 2000…

I was at the point of half my life.    The V Twin Drag bike I call “MW Special” which was an incredible journey (over 30 years) of Creativity and Learning and Developments and also learning how to understand disappointments  and how to learn about ones self, ones fears and uncertainties and to put yourself in the arena.

I was at the Winter Nationals, Willowbank in Queensland, Australia…. it was time to make a run… we had just done a tune up and it was time to do our pass qualifying time

(to make that qualifying run you have to look at it in very fresh eyes… you have to realise that this is your final run… if you can’t lay a good time now.. you are very unlikely to qualify at all)

We got all our equipment out on the drag strip,  I was sitting on the bike,   Garry Thomas was getting ready and putting his gloves on and my friend Greg McKenzie was getting the starter motor ready.

It was on dusk and it was very still,
at the end of the strip I could see the moon rising
and at that very moment for the first time I wanted the motor to fire
and I would have blasted off and into the Abyss.

I  knew then I didn’t need to do this any more,   I knew it was over.

Racing a competitive piece of machinery has huge responsibilities, people are on your ride, they are waiting and believing in you.  A close acquaintance is prepared to ride, he has confidence that everything is safe.   Fears and failure are always there.

What I thought at the time was fun was really stress and anxiety …..   and it was paying a toll.

When I left the race track, at the time I was working on Big Neds engine… in its rough out stage… I realised then I could throw the rules out the window, that were conditioned into me over the years.

That I would build this piece for me.