Journey Begins

At 13 or 14 not long after my family had just moved from Young to Carringbah in Sydney, my dad arrived home with this old “BSA army sidecar m20 500”, covered in vines that he found at this house he had been working on…

“which was the start of the whole journey”… the minute I touched that motor and screwed the spark plug out… I could turn and make things and use spanners… for me – it just opened up the creative channel connected to the whole show.

With the BSA I discovered Max Evans at Carringbah Motorcycles when I would go to buy gaskets and parts… asking questions and learning.

It was also around this time that I saw a lathe at Max’s and I came home to tell my mother that needed a lathe .. I just knew that you had to have one if you were going to play around with motorbikes.

I found a little “James” laying down the back amongst all the bikes,, which I took home to work on and get going.

Next I discovered the “Competition Matchless” …. its aluminium was glittering in a box which Max let me pay off …. I put it together and started racing this bike at a hillclimb…. with the St. George M/C club … that was before I had a licence.

Then came a “Norton 500 Dominator” which I took the motor out of…. as I had observed through Max as he was into Triumphs and building these Sidecars…. so I ended up getting a Triumph engine and putting it into the Norton to make a Hybrid – street fighter of the day… that was the start of modifying and that was the start of the Triumphs.