Creating MW Special

After modifying standard engines for years Mark decided in 1975 to make his own.

Mark says he got his inspiration to carve his engine from solid blocks of metal from Bugatti’s mechanical sculptures, the hand scraped masterpieces of the 1920’s and 30’s.

This bike has been registered and run for over 30 years, and been kept within ANDRA drag race ruling. Mark’s dream was chasing the illusive 7 seconds, during that period, but actually more than that was his huge passion for working on the

MW Special, “it was like a living thing…. It didn’t live or breath until I bought it to life…  developing it and manufacturing many parts to keep it running ….. many heartbreaks and ego shattering moments over this length of life, which is the most precious asset you have… your time.”

“The last run of its life was at “Ironbark Dragstrip” Roma. Queensland …. At this meeting the bike sounded sweet … you always know when a top fuel bike is running on 90% nitro methan fuel…. the crack of the exhaust pipes sounds like sticks of dynamite exploding and the vapour fumes have your eyes running tears … you can barely breath…. you just really feel a special moment on your journey of life.   We completed 8 runs and in my lifetime of building race engines, you can always tell when they are doing the work, when it comes back after a run to do a check for the next run, and I notice weeping oil on the bases of the barrels and heads…  I know that it is bleeding for me, the pressure is as big as the whole show.”