“1916” The V16

Inspired by the European builders of V16’s in the pre-war era: Auto Union, Bugatti, Harry Miller and BRM.

  • 2560 cc Supercharged V16
  • Recycled Victa 160 Lawnmowers::  Australian Made Icon.
  • Using the Flywheels, Conrods, Barrels, Heads, Pistons
  • Made longer crankpins to accomodate 2 conrods
  • Bored Victa flywheels out to fit 25mm mainshafts and dowled each shaft into the flywheels
  • Crank put together with 32 joints and 9 mainbearings
  • Crankcase made from 90 degree 10mm angle
  • Blocks machined and split and screwed into crankcase to support mainbearings
  • Rover Gear Box Bevel Gears, shaft driven into the Suzuki Clutch which is released by a thrust bearing with handle
  • Fuel tank is an Australian made fire extinguisher from the Gulgong Swap Meet
  • Triumph Wheels
  • Early 1920’s Seat
  • Early BSA Girder Forks
  • Morris 1600 Inch 1/2 SU Carburetor
  • Air filter on Carby is a 1920’s shower rose
  • Headlamp is a Brass drain from a shower block
  • Australian Made Brass Drain pipe fittings from the early 1950’s for the Airflow to crankcase
  • Australian Made CEMA Oxy guage for the motor pressure on the left grip
  • Douglas Throttle control
  • “Quadrature” tachometer type 102-B.S. A Symchrotac Instrument Made in Australia
  • Grips are copper pipe with aluminium caps and brass sleeves to hold
  • Copper Pipe Centipede for high tension leads
  • Wing nuts on front wheel from the Dorrigo antiques shop
  • Spur Gears running the Supercharger 2:1 which is from a Japanese Vehicle
  • Holden V8 Distributors geared 1:1
  • Completed in 2013

Currently Displayed At “Antipodean Tynker” Walcha NSW