The Abyss Rider

“The Abyss Rider” – the Final Ride, is a 200 cc, Straight Eight Rotary Valve Engine, This is something new for me,  this many cylinders in a complete build.   It is an idea that came from the Prototype in the early stages of building the V16 “1916”.  The making of lots of small components in my small workshop.   In the past when I have done a full engine build from billet they have been Singles, Twins and V Twins. with heavy blocks of alloy and steel.

200 cc Rotary Valve Head, Straight Eight.
Machined from 50 mm Round bar.
5 Main roller bearings.
Conrods – Aluminium, splash fed.
Pistons – cast iron, running in aluminium.
Magneto ignition from the late 1970’s.
Carburetor – assuming a Marine engine late 1920’s.
Gearing – Worm Drive.
Cintrifugal clutch.
Brass side plate – made from a drummers symbol.
Fabricated crank cases aluminium.
Throttle – Lister.
Rotary Valve gear driven.
Cast Iron Valve running in aluminium bushes.
Frame – constructed from 60’s drainage pipe.
Exhaust – 60’s plumbing.
Forks – early 125 twin honda.
Footpads – from a wheelchair.
Handlebars – early shellite solder irons.
Wheels – boat trailer.
Jockey saddle seat.
This is a Dunstan Type Rotary and he pioneered a kit for your Holden Grey motor in the 50’s and 60’s.( They were used on speedway and hydro plane racing in that era).
Currently Displayed at “Antipodean Tynker” Walcha. NSW.