Big Ned

“Big Ned – The Ultimate Street Fighter”

Inspired by the Artist, Sidney Nolan’s portrayals of the Australian Bushranger – Ned Kelly

  • 5″ bore and 5″ stroke (x 127mm)
  • 200 horse power compression ration: 10:1
  • Crankcases machined from steel tube and the end caps are aluminium which carry the main bearings and the studded through head holts
  • Crankshaft is machined from a solid piece of high tough steel
  • Plain bearing right through 2″
  • Connecting rods machined from 7075 aluminium plate
  • Pistons are machined from 6061 aluminium and rings from Isuzu diesel truck
  • Cylinders are 6061 aluminium and the piston runs directly in the aluminium bore, the skirt has teflon pads on the pistons
  • Rotary valve cylinder heads
  • “Roland Cross” type rotary valve 90mm in diameter cast iron rotors, nitrided
  • The inlet and exhaust port are inside the rotary, exhaust on one end and inlet on the other
  • Stainless 2 1/2″ header pipes, flexible stainless joins to mufflers which are machined from 6″ aluminium fire extinguishers
  • Head and cylinders are in one piece
  • Scintilla magneto, 4 cylinder running engine speed to give the correct firing of 90 degrees, which was given by a set of triumph timing gears
  • Jackaroo starter motor
  • The Carburetors are butterfly type – 70mm, the fuel is controlled by a scroll block
  • Gearbox runs a direct 5:1 drive through an 8″ centrifugal clutch (made in the mid 70’s by Puma engineering, Britain) to a bevel drive 2:1 to a twin chain rear drive which the gears where obtained from a large grass slasher
  • Steel 4 x 2 box frame, which mounts the diff rear end…. it is also the fuel tank
  • Single round 80mm diameter bottom fork yolk, which the 50mm fork tubes lock into the bottom fork yolk
  • The Rear end is fabricated out of aluminium plate which contains the diff drive and the rear wheel all in one unit
  • Single lead brake shoe, machined from an oxygen cylinder
  • Front and rear wheels are made from 4 car rims joined, 17″, all fabricated, contain 20mm axles, machined steel hubs, oval spokes that are covered in leather
  • Wet sump machine, stainless steel 2lt oil tank under the steel tube crankcase screwed up underneath, with an old brass water tank tap used as the cap
  • The armour was campfire blackened.
  • 100 year old copper pot was used to make the seat.

Displayed in “Antipodean Tynker” Walcha NSW.