Inspired by Alessandro Anzani’s early 1900’s Board Track Creations

  • 1000cc V Twin
  • 50 Degree Angle
  • Bore and Stroke 74 x 100
  • Barrels and Cylinder Heads are machined from one piece of alloy
  • It is a boltless construction – barrels screw into crankcase
  • 4140 Nitrided steel Twin Rotor heads
  • Lead Bronze retaining rings
  • Rotors run at 1/4 engine Speed…. double geared from the crankshaft.
  • Amal Carburettor
  • Mitsubishi Magnetos
  • Frame is made from RHS box. Front down tube tapered.
  • Fork Head Stock Machined from Solid Alloy… contains Fork head stock bearings.. locates into Frame with Locking screws.
  • Forks made from 50 mm oval cattle-yard tubing
  • Leading Link Top Springs are Iskenderian springs … they are the last set I replaced on the  MW Special dragbike
  • The Fuel Tank is a hydraulic ram found at a swap meet
  • Brass fuel tap found on an old water tank
  • Handle grips are PTO tubing found at the tip.
  • The seat came courtesy of Barry Angus and it is an old PMG pushbike seat.
  • Final drive is via a V-belt running on an 18″ Australian Made pulley that has been welded to the steel rear rim…. tensioned by adjusting screws in front of the boss that holds the struts for the rear wheel.
  • Tyres are front Sand Drag.
  • The Oil Pump is a hand operated pump which was an old blow lamp.

We gave the Saltster a run recently…. it was an “Anzani moment”.

Saltster is currently on display in “Antipodean Tynker” Walcha NSW  

In the background is the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum (not yet open to the public)